Hey, Its me.
I know i saw you this morning…but I’ve been inheriting this brilliant clarity of mind lately, and I don’t want to take your kindness for ignorance.
I know I should probably apologize for last night.
I think that I spent too much time tangled up in your limbs, trying to gauge the exact manner in which you could handle my self destruction, that I never gave you the opportunity to put out the fire.

Hey, me again.
I know its only been 20 minutes but I’m just really worried that your body will reject me, that your lungs will give out from the smoke that I filter through them;
I am poisonous and most people don’t have the tolerance to ingest me without killing parts of themselves.

are you there?

please don’t leave me

- Sext  #1 (via whereshestarted)

(via justtheladyinblack)